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Hey Tiyire,
Thank you for bringing up this point. You voice valid concerns here. I do agree that any reform to the structure of the org needs to be coupled with better management structure than we have. Here is 3 reasons why I am not too worried about this.

1) Volcom is currently working on training docs on chair responsibilities, as well as code of conduct. I think the board is working on defining their own roles as liaison, etc. Thus, there is already work being done on chair training and support of chairs in progress.

2) 5 years ago when this organization started, one of the ideas it came up with was "we will build the people who will build the archive". It is VERY rare (I think with the exception of DW, OTW projects are the only OSS projects that accepts and trains people with no programming background), and not something one would expect to succeed, but we did it. Now we say we cannot build the people to manage?

3) We do recruit people who have managing background occasionally. We could recruit more and retain more if we would let them manage. (same goes for design, for QA). So the issue isn't that we don't have qualified people. It boils down to same thing: structure.

In terms of communication overhead, the inter-committee communication about the archive won't change drastically. The main difference will be that it will be handled through the archive committee who will be considerably less overworked, and solely trained to coordinate work. Thus, the new setup will be more effective than previous. (it will be less work for other committees as well since they won't have to ping back 5 times to see if there is any progress).

This leaves the communication increased caused by splitting project management (of AO3 and other projects) from technical volunteers management. I understand this looks like a waste on surface. However,

1) This communication is happening regardless, just as an internal added communication within the committee.

2) The amount of time we 'gain' return to us in form of loss of time and quality in inefficiency of product management, design and testing process.

I also doubt an AD&T restructure will make things worse for other committees. I am not sure how Fanlore is these days (I'd like to actually chat sometime with you, aethel and others when you have time) but issues that originates from AD&T's structural problems are indirectly harming heavily committees such as Tag wrangling, Open Doors, Support and I&O, hindering their work.
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