Date: 2012-08-14 09:44 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] ira_gladkova
Thank you for discussing this.

I've actually asked about doing something nearly identical -- in late 2011 and early 2012, I and some other people were talking about these issues and asking about similar ideas, and in January 2012 I laid it out explicitly within Board. With a committee this size, managing the volunteers, managing the project in terms of coding and growth, and making policy decisions on the project is simply too much to ask. I talked back then about splitting AD&T into design, coding, and testing teams that would be used across all org projects, with probably an AO3 governing committee as well. The idea was rejected -- at the time, I did not handle the proposal well, and its scope was not wide enough.

Now the Board conversation about org structure has started again (as you noted and linked) with a broader scope. I'm hoping to talk about that in a post of my own soon, so this is very much relevant to my interests!

I'm not certain about splitting coders into two committees, but your arguments in that direction are compelling. This might come in part because I'm from a sort of crossover background, in that I've done both back and front, so for someone like me I would love a centralized place for all coders. I also find it easier to pass work back and forth, especially on asynchronous web apps. Do you think some kind of two-tier structure would work? A coding committee with front and back subcommittees? Or maybe a coding committee that manages feature development across both teams and maintaining consistent development standards, presiding over front and back end committees that are more focused on volunteer management, community-building, knowledge-sharing, etc. within the expertise groups?

Overall, I clearly agree that separate and org-wide committees for design, coding, and QA are needed, as well as a governing committee for the AO3. The current setup asks too much of everyone and creates too many conflicts of interest, and undermines the potential of the AO3.
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