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This will be quick but

1) In case there is still confusion, yes I am Eylul Dogruel and running/ran for board elections. (I am still trying to get over the slight surprise of "you are already elected!")  

2) The first transcript is up, as well as candidate bios. Both Andrea and Franzi are awesome people, did a lot during their time in OTW, and have been advocates for change. I am pretty excited to work with them in the upcoming term.

3)  I know there was some concern about chats not being the preferred medium to ask questions. I'd just like to reiterate that you can ask us questions by commenting on the post above, and if for any reason that is not workable, I am available through Dreamwidth by comment or PM. This post is open to anonymous comments, and comment screening is disabled.

4) I do have a fannish ID separate from my legal name, which I use for OTW work. If you'd like to know that one, please drop a screened comment on the sticky  with your email or another way to contact you and I'll happily link the two for you. Alternatively you can PM me over DW. 

And now I shall get some sleep. :) 


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