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name: Eylul
current committees and workgroups:
  • Internationalization and Outreach Committee (2012)
  • Survey Workgroup (2012)
  • Category Change Workgroup (2012)
past associations within the org:
  • AD&T (2009-2011, tQA lead for 2010)

occupations outside the org:
  • Graduate Student in Fine Arts
  • Tech enthusiast
  • RPing
  • Current Fandoms: Warcraft, TLJ/Dreamfall, Doctor Who, Sanctuary

name linking:
While I do have a separate semi-fannish dreamwidth presence, I recently decided to create a separate place for OTW related posts and related topics. I'd like to keep these two identities not linked over google but if you'd like to know who I am, please comment on this post with your email (all comments are screened) I will get back to you. Alternatively you are also welcome to use the dreamwidth PM system.

friending policy:
All posts on this journal will be public although I will grant any access request that arrives anyway. Feel free to subscribe and to request. :)

commenting and etiquette:
This is a space for dialogue. Thus all opinions are welcome, both agreeing or disagreeing. You are welcome to bring the tone or ideas you want with the following exceptions
  • Any type of discriminatory speech on race, religion, gender, sexuality, lifestyle. This won't be tolerated
  • Slurs of any form
  • Personal attacks. (you did wrong in this action, in this role, for reason n: alright. You are a failure: not alright)
  • ESL silencing behavior will not be tolerated. (asking for clarifications, or pointing an grammar or expression mistakes are alright and welcome, but trying to use them to derail or stop a discussion is not).
Lets keeps this productive and fun for everyone.


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